Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wardrobe Essentials Tops and Outerwear

wardrobe essentials tops and outerwear

We are continuing the Wardrobe Essentials Series with tops and outerwear.  Again, remember that the essentials are the classic pieces you build your wardrobe on, but can also help you create complete outfits on their own.

1. White button down shirt:  A shirt that is perfect for work and at the same time can dress up your jeans or shorts.  This is a classic that won't go out of style.

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2. Tank top in black and beige: For those tops that are revealing or sheer, tank tops can be worn underneath for coverage.  Black or beige will pair with most colors.

3. T-shirt in black and white:  Quick, comfortable and efficient style for everyday wear.  A structured t-shirt can also be paired with slacks for work.

4. Classic cardigan:  If your office is kept cool, chances are you will need something to keep you warm.  If you want something light to put on, but not have a hard time carrying home, a cardigan is the perfect fit.

5. Blazer:  A must have for work or a more formal setting.  Also works great for dressing up jeans.

6. Jacket:  A light jacket for those months in-between seasons, where it isn't cold enough to wear a coat and not hot enough to not cover up.

7. Trench coat:  A must have for the colder seasons.  Make sure to pick a good quality coat to last you for many years.

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