Friday, July 8, 2016

Wardrobe Essentials Bottoms

Wardrobe essentials are not what's on trend now, but more of classic pieces that form the foundation of your wardrobe.  They are the bare essentials that you can build on.

*Style tip: Long pants that aren't ankle pants should not drag on the floor as they will quickly become damaged and thus look sloppy.  Ideally, your pants should reach and cover the back of your heel.

1. Jeans in a dark and light wash: The most worn pants in your closet are most likely jeans.  Two basic colored jeans can help you create a lot of outfits.  Choose a dark wash for going out and creating a more sophisticated look.  A light wash is perfect for everyday wear and casual outfits.

2. Dress pants/trousers in black and beige:  The basic color to go with everything is black.  Dress pants are essential work items and having at least two colors can create many outfits.  A dressy pant is perfect for any business setting, court appearances, lunch meetings and any other setting where you wish to look your best and appear professional.  Beige is a great replacement for black and will most likely go with everything where black isn't an option.

3. Casual pants:  Have a pair of casual pants to replace your jeans, but retain the comfort.

4. Lounge/yoga pants:  Lounge or yoga pants are great for when you just want to take it easy and relax.  They also work well during exercising, they are stretchy and allow for easy movement.

5. Shorts casual and denim:  During hot Summer months, shorts can be your best friend.  Jean shorts are great for everyday wear, as well as going to the beach.  Having another pair of shorts in a neutral color that isn't denim gives you the benefit of shorts, but is more sophisticated.

*Style tip: Choose a skirt length based on what's most flattering on you.  Slightly above the knee or right below it, depending on the shape of the knees.

6. Pencil skirt:  Choose a well fitting pencil skirt.  A pencil skirt is great for a business setting, and paired with a gorgeous top is perfect for a dinner date and going out.

7. A-line skirt:  An A-line skirt is more comfortable, because it isn't body hugging, but is still great for work and even everyday wear.

8. Maxi skirt:  The maxi is the ultimate comfort skirt.  A white or beige maxi is great for the Spring and Summer months and if you still want to wear one during Fall, just wear leggings underneath and a chic pair of boots to keep you warm.

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