Monday, January 30, 2017

Life After the 30-Day Purge Challenge

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You have taken the 30-Day Purge Challenge and now what?  (For those of you unfamiliar with the Challenge, see the post here.)  Often people, myself included, get rid of things only to fall back into old habits and buy more stuff to fill up the space.

Here are some tips to get you started on keeping your home lighter and more comfortable.

1. To keep down the volume of your wardrobe, for every purchased item, donate/sell/giveaway an item you already own.

2. Using velvet, space saving hangers will allow you to hang up more items and the velvet will prevent your clothes from slipping off the hangers.

3. Throw away or use as cleaning rags clothes with holes and rips that can't be fixed.  Items with bodily stains or odors that can no longer be washed out should be tossed.

4. Sort your garments by color and by type.  This will allow you to see how many of each item you have in the same color.

5. If you need another round of purging your home, take the 30-Day Purge Challenge again until you reach your desired results.

6. Buy only the items you plan to use and need right away and not some time in the future, because let's face it, chances are they will only collect dust!

7. Invest in quality not quantity.  Quality items will last a long time, yes they cost a bit more, but imagine having to buy the same item over and over because it keeps breaking or gets damaged easily.  This also means less items going to the landfill.

8. Realize that things of this world, in this case material things, only bring temporary happiness.  Do you notice the constant need for more stuff, the latest gadgets?  It just never stops, and the commercials are everywhere, including on billboards, television, websites, apps and magazines.  It's time to focus on memories, turning off the TV and spending time with loved ones, and also to be more of service to others as it's much more fulfilling.

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