Friday, November 4, 2016

Sunset Watching at St. Pete Beach Florida

Taking time out to see the sunset and breathe in the salty sea breeze is one of my favorite ways to end a day.

Every time we do go watching the sunset on the beach, we witness not just the spectacular show in this little part of the universe, but what it evokes in people.  Most sunsets we see, people that have gathered to witness it, applaud as the tip of the sun sinks below the Gulf's horizon.  It triggers a feeling of wonder and fascination.

Time spent in nature is never a waste of time.  Whether it is a beach, forest, a lonely tree in your back yard or a flowering meadow, take the time to connect with nature and experience your true soul waking up.  It makes everything else less relative; the material things, the gossip, hurt, blame and all these things you are not meant to be feeling nor doing.

For this beach trip, I didn't bother dragging my camera with me and used the phone to capture a few beautiful moments in hopes to inspire you to connect to your surroundings.

sunset at St. Pete Beach
Sunset at St. Petersburg Beach

water is life

bird tracks on sand

bird fishing along shore

sunset boat ride at St. Pete Beach

sunset at St. Pete beach

sunset at St. Pete beach

bird flying along beach

sunset at St. Pete beach

sunset at St. Pete Beach

moon at the beach

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