Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wardrobe Essentials Shoes

When choosing shoes, I like to focus on comfort and style.  You will get more out of your shoes when they fit well and feel good, so try on many pairs to find your perfect fit!  Below is a list of essentials to get you started!

1. Pumps in black and tan:  If I had to pick one shoe, it would have to be the black pump!  This shoe is classic and therefore versatile, which will never go out of style!  Wear them to work, business meetings, date nights or just dress up any outfit.  Pumps in black will go with almost any outfit and for those few others, tan becomes the next best thing.

2. Peep-toe pumps in black:  The peep-toe pump is the flirty, sexy version of the classic pump.  It is the perfect date night shoe and looks fantastic with dresses.  However, it is not appropriate in a corporate setting.

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3. Sandals in black and tan:  Sandals are a must have for Spring and Summer months.  Although they are not appropriate in a business setting, they are worn with various outfits.  Black and tan are your essentials, because if black won't work for your outfit then chances are that tan will.  Wear them when going out to dinner dates, weddings, and cocktail parties.  Paired with fun dresses makes them extra flirty! 

4. Flats in black: We all have those days where wearing heels is just not going to work out.  Just like a classic pump, a classic flat is also versatile and also appropriate in a business setting.  They are great for walking long distance and very chic when paired with the right wardrobe.

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5. Flat sandals/flip-flops:  Picking a color combination of black and brown will make your life easier when it's time to pair them with your outfit.  They are casual and comfortable for daily wear.  Pick flip-flops with a bit of cushioning on the sole for better comfort.

6. Boots in black:  Boots are the best pick during the Fall and Winter months.  They keep your feet warm and dry.

7. Sneakers:  Take care of the most important asset, your health!  Pick comfortable sneakers that will support the arches of your feet and won't strain your feet during exercise, running or walking.

8. Bonus: fun shoe:  The not-your-classic shoe!  Choose a pair that is in style that particular season and one that shows off your personality.  Go with a wild print, unique design or bright color!

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