Tuesday, March 8, 2016

15 Spring and Summer Vacation Essentials

15 Spring and Summer Vacation Essentials

Spring is almost here!  In Florida, it feels like Spring and Summer never really left, but for the rest of you it is time to start getting ready for your Spring and Summer vacations!
Here are the basic essentials for any vacation and of course you can add a lot more, but these items are versatile enough to allow you to pack less.

1. Tank top: Perfect for layering or on its own, looks great with skirts, shorts or jeans.
2. Denim jacket: A classic that is never going out of style and will keep you warm when it gets chilly.
3. Tee: Versatile and easy to care for. Choose a lightweight tee for more comfort. 
4. Cardigan: Great for extra layers and keeping warm.
5. Button-up shirt: A crisp button up shirt takes any outfit up a notch.
6. Maxi skirt: Choose a lightweight maxi and be ready in a snap. Pair with a tank top and when it's breezy, add a denim jacket.
7. Shorts: A classic cut will take you from the beach to a dinner date. Pair with a tank top for the beach and heels & button-up for a date.
8. Jeans: They speak for themselves, versatile and comfortable.
9. Sandals: Great for daytime and the beach, but also for casual dinner time.
10. Heels: Dress up any outfit and add confidence, it is the perfect going out shoe.
11. Tote: Invest in a quality, classic tote to last you a long time.
12. Sunglasses: A great accessory to protect your eyes from the sun.
13. Bathing suit: Depending on where you are going for your vacation, you may need a well fitting bathing suit.
14. Earrings: Classic and small earrings will go with many if not all of your outfits. Stud earrings are versatile and are a great option.
15. Necklace: Add a little fun to your wardrobe with either a bold or dainty necklace.

Leave a comment and let me know where your favorite vacation spots are!

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