Wednesday, June 28, 2023

The GOAT Farm Skincare Review

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, the products were purchased by us.   The post contains affiliate links/discount code that can earn us a commission if a purchase is made.

One major change to our routine has been to switch out all personal care products, as well as detergents, dish washing and laundry, to natural products.  The improvement on our skin has been significant, no irritation and skin doesn't dry out and become flaky.

We usually buy natural-ish sunscreen at the natural food stores, but wanted to give this small family owned and operated business a try.  We were in no way disappointed!  


The GOAT Farm Skincare

Purchased the GOATS' DAY OFF CRAZY COCONUT Sunscreen Lotion, the smell alone was delicious!  The lotion has a whipped consistency, rather than being smooth and free flowing.  It goes on nicely and is absorbed by the skin without leaving a ghostly white look.  It doesn't feel greasy, we applied the sunscreen before leaving the house and after three hours in the sun at the beach, no sunburn!  I usually have issues with my cheeks feeling the sun burn, but not this time, the sunscreen worked like a charm!


The second item we ordered to try out was their natural deodorant ORANGE BEACH.  I am a big fan of citrus, this deodorant has a nice orange fruit smell that lasts.  It goes on very smooth and so not much is needed, it lasts all day with no funky smells! 😂  We usually have an issue with deodorants that result in skin irritation, such as open sores or swollen underarm lymph nodes within the first or second day, even the several natural brands we tried.  So far, we used this deodorant over a week and are happy with no irritation or swollen lymph nodes, plus the freshness lasts!


ORANGE BEACH Natural Deodorant

ORANGE BEACH Natural Deodorant

We also ordered their Out of Woods Insect Repellent, but haven't fully tested it out.  Florida is seeing an immense increase in mosquito presence, what used to be 2-3 mosquitos, it is now 10-20 surrounding you at once.  They seem bigger too and everyone we talk to says the same thing; never have we had this many mosquitos in this area.  I will update the post once we give the repellent a full chance when the mosquitos are most active, which is at dusk.

There are several more items we will be ordering from The GOAT Farm and in the meantime, if you are looking to give them a try, use our discount code for 12% off at checkout, (code: lifeinmylane).

UPDATE 9/1/2023: 

As promised, an update on the Out of Woods Insect Repellent.  It was a hit and a miss for us here in Florida.  We have an increased amount of mosquitos in our area and the repellent isn't effective.  It does offer some protection, but not all mosquitos stay away.  

It also depends on who else is present, for example, when I am outside with my husband and we used the spray, he doesn't get bit and I do.  It may also have to do with each person's body chemistry in how much the mosquitos are attracted.  We still use the spray when we need to be outside to keep the number of bites down, but mostly try to stay inside during dusk when they are most active.

I would also like to provide an update for the deodorant, because I want to be as transparent as possible.  After a few weeks of use, my husband did experience lymph swelling as he does with many similar products.  The deodorant does work great in keeping fresh, really the best we ever tried as far as freshness, so we switch it up between other types and use it from time to time and don't experience this issue anymore.  It's worth noting that the lymph nodes need proper flow & drainage and it is up to you to conduct any further research on this matter.

The Crazy Coconut Sunscreen we used all summer and it has been great, no issues experienced and no sunburns.  We'll be trying their soaps and body wash products next.

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