Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fight Climate Change: Put a Price on It

One of the best and most useful series you can watch right now is Years of Living Dangerously documenting the causes and effects of climate change.  If you haven't already realized, climate change is real and we are seeing its effects right now.

What are SOME of the climate change events happening now:
  • Drought - Without water nothing can grow.
  • Melting ice caps - Sea level rises creating day floods during high tide, islands and coastal areas are submerged in water displacing humans and wildlife.
  • Ocean acidification - Acid breaks down minerals such as calcium, which directly affects shellfish and coral reefs by dissolving shells/structure.  Acidic water isn't medicinal and needs to stay neutral to alkaline.
  • Ocean warming - Affects coral reefs and other marine life, melts more polar ice, creates more frequent and violent storms.
  • Wildlife species nearing extinction - Resulting from food and water shortages due to drought, deforestation destroying habitat, ocean warming, pollution itd...  As the larger animals die off, small animals such as rodents begin to flourish.  Rodents help transmit many life threatening diseases to humans through fleas and ticks.  A balanced ecosystem requires a diverse number of species, big and small, as each plays a role in keeping the law of nature in order and harmony.

What are SOME of the causes of climate change:
  • Deforestation
  • Fossil fuels
  • Pollution of water - Oil spills, fracking, factory chemical water run off, agricultural chemicals, chemicals in beauty products.
  • Plastics
  • Cattle - Cows emit a large number of methane gas and our meat consumption is sky rocketing. 

More is being discovered as we see nature and wildlife change or disappear, and the full effect is yet to come!  Can you imagine it being worse than it is now?  There is one campaign that is working on fighting climate change and that is putting a price on carbon.  See the below photo lineup for a quick explanation and watch Years of Living Dangerously on National Geographic!

All photos from: The Climate Solution Website. Visit the website for more info and get involved!

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