Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fight Climate Change: Buy Less Stuff

Join the awakening and help slow down climate change from pollution.  Many of you say "What can I do?  I still need to drive my car!"  The global pollution is more than just CO2 emissions from driving, there are many other things you can do to help add to the whole.

1.  Use refillable water bottles and coffee cups.  Each new plastic bottle or foam cup that goes through the production process pollutes the environment and uses energy, not to mention the expanding landfills where a lot of the bottles and cups end up in.  Use glass food storage containers instead of plastic, it's healthier for you and the environment.

The average American throws away 70 lbs. of clothing every year.

2. Fix items that break.  I love fixing up my family's garments when they tear or a button pops off.  We live in a time where instead of fixing what is broken, we just get new stuff, and not only stuff, but new people!  We treat our relationships as things and no longer work on solutions, but suppress and stuff our feelings by buying more stuff.  Quite frankly, this is suicidal to us as a species and the environment's whole ecosystem.  Keep in mind that the average American throws away 70 lbs. of clothing every year (source).

3. Invest in quality clothing.  In my Wardrobe Essentials posts,  I encourage buying classic pieces that are of great quality.  Classic because they never go out of style, and the quality because it will last for years, and this allows you to have less stuff.

4. Utilize bartering, swap with family and friends.  There is a new app where you can swap or donate items: Stuffstr.

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5. Give a second-hand store a try, you'll be surprised how many brand new items and slightly used items you can find there.

Other options on fighting climate change:

6. Carpool whenever you can.  I remember 2008/2009 when the recession was in full effect and gas prices were very high, people carpooled and made fewer individual trips. Why not do this for our environment?  We'd take care of all errands with one trip instead of going back and forth on multiple.  There was a sense of community and togetherness.  I still plan my trips out so I don't make an unnecessary second or third drive on the same road, the same day.

7.  If you live in a home with some outdoor space, even a balcony, hang your clothes to dry outside instead of using the dryer.

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